The Power of Color


Looking Slimmer  • Gaining Confidence  • Looking Ageless  • Looking Sexier  • Appearing Happier  • Looking Vibrant & Healthy  • Receiving compliments  • Saving time  • Saving Money

That's the Power of Personal Color Analysis!

What is Personal Color Analysis?

Personal Color Analysis employs scientific theory and artistic principles to discover the specific colors that will, not only enhance and illuminate the way you look, but will give you that permanent glow!  As we go through this unique process of identifying the colors that truly harmonize with your natural skin tone, hair, and eye coloring, from my 12 tone system, we unravel your most beautiful self.

“I can't tell you how much I loved, loved, loved what you did for me and to me!  This past few days were transformational for me.  I am stepping into a new me.  Thanks for believing in me and helping me make this transition”

~ Denise Hansard

Why should I have my Colors done?

Wearing the colors that are in perfect harmony with your natural skin tone makes you appear slimmer, ageless and more vibrant, without the pain and cost of cosmetic surgery or diets. Wearing "your colors" minimizes skin blemishes and surface flaws. Dark under eye circles, wrinkles and scars, appear to disappear. Your teeth and white of eyes appear whiter. When you wear, and surround yourself with your personal tone of color, you’ll feel more confident, look vibrant and feel happier.

Who should have a Personal Color Analysis?

Your personal appearance is your most powerful form of self expression, and how you present ourselves to others is an important statement about your intentions, ambitions, character and integrity. People from all walks of life have experienced the benefits, and confidence, of wearing their personal color tone: CEOs, Celebrities Business Executives, Actors, Teachers, Professors, Politicians, Lawyers, Entertainers, Performers, Life Coaches, Speakers, Therapists, Newscasters, Designers, Interior Designers, Hair Stylists, Brides, Students, Children, Photographers and many more!

Where do I do Personal Color Analysis?

Personal Color Analysis is performed at my color and style studio in Los Angeles, California. Certified and educated by a Master Colorist, I provide a precise analysis based upon scientific theory and artistic principles. Together we will discover the tone of color that is in perfect harmony with you. You will see a visible difference in your appearance, and never look at color in quite the same way again.

Shopping with your Colors.

Imagine shopping for clothes, makeup, or accessories, and knowing immediately the colors that make you look fabulous. With your personal color palette, you will not only save time and money, you'll build a wardrobe of vibrant, functional clothes, in colors that are in perfect harmony with your personal color tone.

‘I have nothing to wear’ will become a saying of the past. Dressing will become simple as you discover new combinations and possibilities. As an educated consumer,  you will make color choices that are guaranteed to make you look magnificent.

Your Colors and your environment.

Discovering your Personal Color Tone doesn't just apply to your appearance, it applies to your environment too. Imagine the experience of decorating your home and office in colors that relax and inspire. Colors that put you at ease, and promote mental clarity and focus. Colors that are literally an extension of you. Surround yourself in your colors, and you will feel the difference.

Your Personal Book of Color.

Once your consultation is complete you will receive your Personal Color Palette . Each palette contains 65 colors that are in perfect harmony with your particular skin, hair and eye color.

When should I get a Personal Color Analysis?

Don't waste another minute, let's get started! Drop me a line or give me a call today, and step into your magnificence tomorrow!!

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