“Brenda Cooper is one of a kind. A total original with an incredible eye for fashion, color and detail. From the very first time I worked with Brenda, I knew I had to have her design the Nanny. Her sense of style became as important to the show, as the Nanny character herself. Brenda’s amazing talent earned her an Emmy and I can honestly say, should I dip back into that pool, I would be lucky to have her create the look.”

~ Fran Drescher

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“Rarely will you experience charm, beauty, professionalism, and amazing talent wrapped into one dynamic Stylist.  If you want to see your wardrobe come alive on the screen, I've got two words... Call Brenda!”

~ Mark Fanjoy, Producer/Director

“Brenda didn’t just change my clothes, she changed my life.”

~ Chondra Pierce

“I am thrilled to have worked with Brenda. She has style, flair and humor and she is an incredible teacher and mentor, urging me to try new ideas. She says that style is simple and with the right guidance you can feel really good about yourself, and yes, because of her, I do have style.”

~ Jamie Leigh Curtis

“If shopping was an Olympic Event, Brenda Cooper would be a Gold Medal Contender.”
~ ABC Television

“Whenever I wear my Brenda Cooper Colors and wardrobe people say, I look skinny, healthy and happy.  Its true too!!  Brenda is the ultimate 360 degree styling experience. She's done my colors, she's a blast to shop with and she's changed the way I dress and feel about myself. She's a genius! ”

~ John Kenower, TV Land

“Our goal was to host a magnificent event.  What we found was a magnificent woman who is an event!”

~ Tom Swanson,  CEO High Tide Entertainment

“I cannot even think  of a time when I had such a delicious , creative, experience with a costume Designer as I had with Brenda Cooper as we chose 'outfits and ensembles' for the sitcom Series, 'Happily Divorced' . Soon enough, this relationship turned into a partnership. She is Simply an original. Listen to her! Heed her advice! You will never see yourself on the street if You listen to Brenda Cooper. She is an original.”

~ Rita Moreno

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“Brendas fashion expertise, celebrity status and professionalism help make the magazines first consumer tour an overall success. Visitors loved her and she's such a pleasure to partner with.

~ Lauren Price,  PEOPLE  Magazine

“I am so grateful for your beauty and wisdom yesterday. You gave me a completely new way of looking at color and how color effects my face and overall appearance.  Last night I chose an outfit that reflected my colors.  I looked and sounded fabulous - if I do say so - and had many more compliments about how good I looked and how powerful my message was than ever before.  Thank you, thank you, thank you. I appreciate you and all the gifts you are sharing in the world.”

~ Rev. Carolyn Wilkins, Agape Spiritual Center

“I just LOVE my "Darling Brenda"! Her style and uncanny ability to work with all shapes, sizes & personalities has always amazed me. Thanks to Brenda, I know my true color palette... which, by the way, is “True Autumn".  Kudos to one of the hardest working women in the industry. ”

~ Tichina Arnold

“Brenda,  I am so Thankful that I met you.  It honestly has changed my life in so many ways and I am eternally Grateful for that. You just don't know what it has done for me on a deep soul level. I will never be the way I used to be because of it. I was insecure with very little self esteem. Now I am full of it!! Putting outfits together is easy as pie now, I always look ‘put together’, and I love getting dressed, even in my walk the dogs clothes. I know without a shadow of a doubt, when I walk out of the door, my hair, my make-up and my clothes look amazing. You can't put a price on how that makes you feel! Thanks to you.”

~ Jeanne Westphal

“Brenda Coopers ‘The Silhouette Solution’ is a brilliant wardrobe system for women of every age, shape and style. Brenda's one of a kind system will inspire women to look good, to feel good and to add fashion charisma to their wardrobes everyday, everywhere in every way. Its a life changing system and with Brenda Cooper at the helm, I am "all in".”

~ Marta Tracy, E! and The Style Network

“My color analysis with Brenda Cooper not only changed my life, the experience changed my art and fueled a new appreciation of the beauty in my everyday world.

I am truly inspired by Brenda’s gift that has enable me to connect with and see more of myself.  Thank you Brenda. You Rock!”

~ Miranda R.  Artist, Musician, Teacher

“Brenda Cooper offers a powerful advantage as our team image consultant. She coached us on the value and power of first impressions and how to align dress and style with our brand philosophy and identity to win business. Brenda truly is a treasure we cannot do without.”

~ Barry Garapedian

“I can't tell you how much I loved, loved, loved what you did for me and to me!  This past few days were transformational for me.  I am stepping into a new me.  Thanks for believing in me and helping me make this transition”

~ Denise Hansard

“You can make me over any time.”

~ Donald Trump

After working with Brenda my confidence when through the roof.   Im so much happier and more connected to myself.  My levels of stress have decreased and I look at life in a whole different way. I am so blessed to have had the opportunity to work with Brenda .

- A. Morgan


Your have helped me transform my life in a way I would never have dreamed possible. We have only spoken about 6 times and to have the kind of impact on me in such a short time is miraculous. Whatever it is you see and whatever it is you do you helped me get my smile back and I never thought I would get it back. You helped me lighten up my life and my heart

You are a gift I will cherish for my entire life  ~  Michelle G.

Michelle G

If you ever have the opportunity to be coached by Brenda Cooper know that you are privileged. Brenda is soulful, spirited, creative, loving and committed. Before I worked with Brenda I was stuck in old patterns of self sabotage and avoiding the world. I felt isolated and alone. I wanted so badly to be a contribution to the world, yet could not bring myself to take action.Her unflinching dedication had me mend my relationship with my mother, discover my authentic self, and unleash my self expression in a way that continues to surprise me daily. I now have access to real intimacy. I am creating the life of my dreams. You are truly blessed to have her. Take my advice,"Listen to Brenda Cooper”

S. Bova

BRENDA is able to listen deeply.  She Gets right into the core of the issue and makes obvious what I cannot see. l always feels like she’s got my back and she on my side. I trust her completely. The outcome is always insightful for everyone involved and I walk away with tools to move forward and deal with issues I usually avoid.

- P. Young

“With Brenda Cooper as the spokesperson for Dupont Lycra we had such an incredible response from consumers.   Brenda is ‘STYLE’ and brought great style to all our events. ”

~ Karen Eways - Dupont Lycra


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