Emmy Award Winning Stylist.


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“I can’t tell you how Brenda’s style genius has liberated me. I’ll never look at the clothes in my closet the same way again.”

~ Fran Drescher

Color Expert

Fashion Stylist

Keynote Speaker

Costume Designer

There's nothing more exciting than taking a character from the pages of a script and bringing him or her to life on screen.

I've been lucky enough to bring some truly memorable characters to life using clothes as visual story telling elements.

My work is creative, collaborative, and it's fun!

"Brenda says that style is simple, and with the right guidance you can feel really good about yourself. And yes, because of her, I do have style.”

~ Jamie Leigh Curtis

Color Expert

Wearing colors that harmonize with your skin, hair and eye color, is truly transformative. It not only changes the way you look, it changes the way you feel. It's the first step to looking magnificent, feeling confident and being successful.

The only way to accurately discover those colors is through Personal Color Analysis.

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"Brenda’s "eye for style" is Emmy Award winning, but her aesthetic goes even further. I cannot think of anything more reassuring, for men and women, than having a "hands-on" guide to personal style developed by Brenda.”

~ Charles Shaughnessy

Fashion Stylist

Imagine the possibility of …

  • Eliminating the stress of getting dressed - forever.
  • Stylish clothes that fit your shape, lifestyle and budget.
  • Always having something magnificent for any occasion.
  • Easily put a stylish outfit together in a few, simple steps.

That is what Brenda Cooper Style is all about!

“I just LOVE my "Darling Brenda"! Her style and uncanny ability to work with all shapes, sizes & personalities has always amazed me. Thanks to Brenda, I know my true color palette... which, by the way, is “True Autumn".  Kudos to one of the hardest working women in the industry. ”

~ Tichina Arnold

Keynote Speaker

I love to deliver informative, entertaining and inspirational talks on the subject of personal appearance, color, and the power of impression. I shares the benefits of great personal style, both personally and professionally, to audiences large and small, at corporate retreats, and to small intimate groups.

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"Brenda’s eye for design and color is like no one else. She’s able to work on any body type and any budget and make that person look fabulous. She truly makes dressing an effortless and super creative, fun thing to do. She makes me feel like a million bucks!”

~ Molly Shannon

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Have questions? Ready to look fabulous or have me design your next TV show?

Please ask questions, or book an appointment. I'm excited to get to know you!

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